Marielle Plaisir |  DESIGNER



Marielle Plaisir is a French-Caribbean artist and designer who creates with a voracious appetite. An insatiable chameleon and multi-faceted artist with a passion for images, she has been especially recognized for her itinerant, monumental artwork and exhibitions in internationale museums.

From her education at the Fine-Arts and Decorative Arts of Bordeaux (France), Marielle came away with a vision: a creation—no matter the shape or form it takes—that makes life better and that is displayed poetically. She is a decorator, painter, illustrator, "in-situ" sculptor, paper-cut artist ... the list of her interests and talents goes on and on. Her artistic concerns have led her to work in areas as varied as home accessories design, scenography, book illustration and short-film animation. Marielle is also well-known for her large installations and tapestries, which have been selected and shown in a number of contemporary museums in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and the United States.

As both a dreamer and an idealist, Marielle prefers not to define herself within a particular niche or style. She has developed her own style and, with the help of her accessories, hopes to inspire others to do the same.