Marielle Plaisir |  DESIGNER

Marielle Plaisir is a Caribbean artist-designer who creates with a voracious appetite. Insatiable chameleon and multifaceted artist, passionate about the image, she traces a consistent path in the world of contemporary art. Marielle is a decorator, painter, illustrator .... The list of her interests and talents is long. Her artistic concerns have led her to work in fields as varied as the design of home accessories, scenography, illustrator, animated design, creation of monumental works for public spaces.

Marielle has a vision: A creation - no matter what form it takes - makes life better when it is exhibited with poetry.

Both a dreamer and an idealist, in 2015, she created her luxury accessories brand 'LES BARBARES'.

Her ambition is to design lines of luxury accessories, the visual imprint of which reveals the multiple identities and influences of the territories of the Caribbean where she is from.

LES BARBARES is a world of sensations .....