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Wallets by Les Barbares


LES BARBARES is a world of sensation...


LES BARBARES’s fashion collection takes us on a nostalgic and glamorous tour—a tour of places far and wide, both on our physical planet, inspired by Marielle's fantastical drawings and paintings.
A warrior attacking a castle; a bird escaping from a cage; strange animals romping in lush jungles, a sea of shifting sands, a luxuriant world of wilderness and nature — all dance across her accessories, as well as their wearers' necks, arms and shoulders, as if in a dream.  

These atypical scenes from Marielle's own imagination are captured in delightfully colored backgrounds on silk scarves and printed leather purses and wallets.

Through the usage of brightly colored tones and lavish prints, and drawings, LES BARBARES is designing a contemporary world, from Caribbean to European influences.



Discover  LES BARBARES's World....

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